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– One label for (almost) everything

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How to use your StuffLabels®

  • StuffLabels® are applied just like ordinary stickers
  • Press firmly in place - also at the edges, so that no water gets in underneath.
  • StuffLabels® will adhere best if they are applied to a clean, dry surface.
  • Avoid putting your fingers, or other things on the adhesive surface of the label.
  • Always let the StuffLabels® dry for 3 days before washing or boiling.

StuffLabels® on clothings:

Press the Stufflabel firmly and evenly on the washing instructions or the label on the “neck” of the garment. It will adhere best there.

The smoother the surface, the better it will stick.

StuffLabels® in the washing machine

Wait three days before putting StuffLabels® in the washing machine. The longer it dries, the better it will stick. New garments should be washed before applying a Stufflabel. New clothing is often treated with a type of Softening agent which will prevent StuffLabels® from adhering properly.

StuffLabels® in the dishwasher:

Wait at least 24 hours before putting StuffLabels® in the dishwasher, to allow the glue to dry. The more it dries, the better the name tag will stick.

StuffLabels® for shoes:

StuffLabels® will work best on surfaces that have less pressure, such as the shaft of a boot. If the label is not meant to be visible when the shoe is used, it is best to apply it to the inside of the boot shaft or shoe.

Physical wear and tear

Physical wear and tear of StuffLabels® can occur if, e.g. there are sand in the laundry. Or if the label is placed at the bottom of a shoe. Sand slides like emery paper on the name tag, and the name tag may be damaged. Therefore, avoid physical, mechanical wear and tear as this will shorten the lifetime of the label

StuffLabels® can be peeled off

It is smart, that StuffLabels® can be peeled off. In this way, clothing and belongings can be passed on to others, or sold.

You just loosen the corner of the label with a nail or something pointed, and you pull it off.  Sometimes StuffLabels® can be a bit difficult to pull off things as easily as off clothes. However, if you loosen the label at the edges to let water penetrat, they will be much easier to loosen.

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