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StuffLabels for kids

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StuffLabels® withstand extreme environments

- and will probably withstand your kids treatment too...


StuffLabels® are specially developed to withstand extreme environments and forces. The labels are used like ordinary stickers, but they are much more durable.



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Kids tend to love their stuff - and lose it...

Label stuff before it is lost.

StuffLabels® are used to label children’s items, which can easily get lost at preschool or on playgrounds.  Kids carry around a lot of things that are valuable to them – in so many ways. It is a good idea to label it before they get lost.

Also the youngest 'forget' things

That's when StuffLabels® make a difference :-)

Yay! I found it myself!

With the stylish icons on StuffLables®, even preliterate kids can recognize their own stuff.


StuffLabels® now!

First day at school?

Make sure that everything is labeled with StuffLabels®

It's cool with leisure activities!

However, it usually requires a lot of equipment. Equipment that is fairly similar and therefore easily lost or replaced.


Some things you would rather not have exchanged with others! Such as the beverage can or the lunch box.


Fortunately, with the personalized Name Tags®, it is much easier to know the difference and bring your own things back home. The more labels - the less equipment is lost - and the more you save on time and trouble.


StuffLabels® sticks to stuff and clothes - both on land and at sea :-)

Into the wild - and back!

Get into the wild - and return with all your gear.


StuffLabels® make it easy to find your own stuff. And if you leave something behind it's easy for the finder to find you.


Nature lovers loves StuffLabels® 

Our customers love us!

... and we love our StuffLabels®