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StuffLabels® are self-adhesive labels for labeling clothing and objects.

When will I get my StuffLabels®?
Your StuffLabels® are made in the USA on the same day as you place your order or at the latest on the following weekday.
You can expect to receive your order within 3-7 weekdays.


Do my StuffLabels® come with a guarantee?
It’s important to us that you are happy and satisfied with your purchase. If, contrary to expectation, your StuffLabels® do not meet your expectations, we will give you a full refund.
Just write to us at:


Provide a brief description of the issue and state your order number. We’ll do the rest.
With our satisfaction guarantee, you can feel secure knowing that you’ve purchased the right labels. And we can feel secure knowing that all our customers are satisfied.


How to use your StuffLabels®

• StuffLabels® are used like an ordinary sticker – take care to press them firmly in place – also along the edges, so water can’t get in.

StuffLabels® adhere best to clean and dry surfaces.

Avoid touching the glue side of the label with your thumb (or similar).

Always allow StuffLabels® to harden fully before washing and boiling.


StuffLabels® in clothing

Press the StuffLabel firmly and evenly in place on the care label or neck tag. That is where it adheres best. The smoother the surface, the better the StuffLabel will adhere.

Wait for three days for the glue to harden fully before washing StuffLabels®. The longer they harden, the better your StuffLabels® will adhere.

New clothing should be washed before attaching StuffLabels®. New clothing is often treated with a fabric softener that makes it difficult for StuffLabels® to adhere.


StuffLabels® in shoes

• StuffLabels® will last longer when used where they don’t get worn; for instance inside the heel counter of a boot or tongue of a shoe. This is also the best place to use them, if you want the labels not be visible when the shoes are in use.


StuffLabels® in the dishwasher

Wait for at least 24 hours before putting StuffLabels® in the dishwasher to allow the glue to harden. The longer they harden, the better the StuffLabels@ will adhere.


Did you know that ...

StuffLabels® are removable. That’s useful when clothing and objects are passed on to younger siblings, recycled or sold.

StuffLabels® contain no harmful chemicals. Not only do they not use ink, the label material and glue do not contain BPA, which is suspected of being hormone-disrupting.

StuffLabels® are created by melting the text and icons onto the label without using ink. This makes them extremely durable.

StuffLabels® are made in USA. This allows us to maintain full control over the quality.